Monday, November 20, 2006

Why is Marxism essential at this moment? Can’t we just admit that there’s a crisis; the working class continues to be exploited.
Pro-capitalists attempt to present the inkling that Marxism is an unintelligible, ambiguous, confusing, and uninteresting canon. Raise them whichever issue about the social order, and they will seek to reply it with some oversimplification. For example:
-Individuals are, as you would expect, self-seeking.
-Everybody can rise themselves up the social latter.
-Without rich people’s money there wouldn’t be any work for the proletariat.
-How do we go about politicizing the workers, it’s just too difficult

Hmmmmm....maybe they're making this arguments simply because they feel threaten by a socialist revolution, have yet to politicize correctly, ARE fueled by personal interests, or simply because they love screwing people. I'm watching you........


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But most people ARE fueled by selfish interests. And even in terms of a revolution, people have to be made to see what's in it for them before they'll give their support. It's the same with any other movement, especially environmentalism in the states - most people don't give a damn because they would have to be less lazy and selfish to actually do something about the problem. Thus, nothing is done.

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