Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oh Humboldt County. Yes, the once (and probably still is) location where the best Mary Jane was being grown is now being know for what it really is.....lots of freakin' rain and more rain. Ohhhhhh what I would do to be back home in my one bedroom apartment watching episode after episode of "Family Guy" and reminiscing about my graduate student years.....However, since my return to East Fortuna I have been indulged with by my mother's awesome cooking and not my brother's pestering and nagging. "Hey Fern..can I get the new $200 Nike soccer shoes for Christmas", I guess you have to take the bitter for the sweet.
The new job is going well......The people are great and the "natural" food is an interesting experience. Shitttttt...I eat menudo homies, now that's natural. Also, does anyone have the answer to why so many hippies can afford eating organic?
In other news:
- my house is being wire-tapped, must change nom de guerre to Jesus.
- Jesus Lives!
- I said Jesus Christ in mass today

Monday, November 20, 2006

Why is Marxism essential at this moment? Can’t we just admit that there’s a crisis; the working class continues to be exploited.
Pro-capitalists attempt to present the inkling that Marxism is an unintelligible, ambiguous, confusing, and uninteresting canon. Raise them whichever issue about the social order, and they will seek to reply it with some oversimplification. For example:
-Individuals are, as you would expect, self-seeking.
-Everybody can rise themselves up the social latter.
-Without rich people’s money there wouldn’t be any work for the proletariat.
-How do we go about politicizing the workers, it’s just too difficult

Hmmmmm....maybe they're making this arguments simply because they feel threaten by a socialist revolution, have yet to politicize correctly, ARE fueled by personal interests, or simply because they love screwing people. I'm watching you........

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sorry for having been MIA for a few days......actually a week or so. Things have been quite crazy: the move home, grad school application, etc. However, now that I'm settled in Humboldt once again after being in the mountain's of Eugene I will regularly be dedicating some time to my blog. In other news my new job begins tomorrow as a butcher. Not necessarily to excited about the situation least I'm a proletariat again. I once again will have to "trust the steel."

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Once again I'm on the job market. I unfortunately lost my job at the study abroad institute for reasons I had no control over. Despite my lose I was very happy to have been a part of a study abroad program. My plan thus far is to move back home with the folks and try to save a little extra money for the revolution. The abrupt move from proletariat to lumpen-proletariat is a tough one. So, with hammer and sickle in hand, (or tattooed) I will return to the mountains of Humboldt County.

Other news:
- applications for graduate school almost complete
- curtains for clandestine safe house choose: maroon
- correct way to pronounce Trotsky followers, Trotskyite...not Trotskyists