Thursday, October 26, 2006

Camus maintains that revolution, and various sorts of struggles for autonomy are predictable features of human subsistence, but first and for most we have to study the restrictions to avoid having these venerable quests evolve into despotism. Philosophy, especially from a Marxist point of view, is perplexing and profoundly wordy in some cases. However, deeply embedded in the economic theories and philosophical doctrines of Marxist writers are the answers to proletariat liberation and socialist utopia. Socialism contributes a lot to society: motivates the subaltern to change its depressing human conditions and exhibits how socialism is moral.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

And the winner is.....

The votes are in! My next tattoo (Dec.) will reflect my indigenous roots. Now where to find the money.....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

As of today I have three different versions of my thesis. The third being the one I hope to publish sometime in the future. This short hiatus from academia has allowed me to write and research more freely, at my own pace. So far I've found a few gaps that I need to bridge together to make more sense. The history of revolutionary movements in Mexico is complicating as it should be, right? Ideological differences, Trotskyites against Maoists, Anarchists against orthodox-Communists, social democrats against all armed organizations, and peasants against the proletariat. What fun? Why is it that I get an image of a bunch of children fighting in a sandbox over toys.
Other news:
GRE exam on the horrizon.
Experienced lock-down at local high school, possible suspect.
Revolutionary committee moving to phase three...choosing curtains for hit out.
Excommunication procedure next Thursday, bingo to follow.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Far From Reconciliation

I recently began reading a book titled "The Rigoberta Menchu controversy" by David Stoll.......a revisionist and loser. Remember, Marx, Che, Mao, Lenin warned us of these people. The book attacks the authenticity of a testimony by a Mayan women from Guatemala who spoke out against the repressive brutality of the Guatemalan government sponsored by: born again Christians, anti-communists, U.S. sponsored weapons, and belligerent bourgeoisie citizens from the early 1960s-1990. You see, like in most revolutionary cases in Central America during this era the peasants and the proletariat finally said fuck you to the existing political system and rose up in arms. David Stoll however makes it his life time goal to research the authenticity of the testimony and concludes that most of the stories told by Ms. Menchu were fabricated. No only has this manipulative intellectual insulted people who lost entire families during these repressive years, but he has also made himself out to be a complete ass. Why? First, of all he interviewed people who resented the Menchu family. Second of all, who in their right mind would argue that Ms. Menhu's father and brothers were not burned alive, instead they had been executed and thrown into a mass grave. Yeah, that sounds better. Asshole.....

Friday, October 20, 2006

It's getting to be that time of the year. I'm once again prepared to tap the ink. I can't wait to experience 2-3 hours of modest pain. Though it's great therapy......I have four in mind (one displayed). In keeping with my pre-conquest and fight the machine theme I figured I would dedicate some space to my indigenous roots. Not displayed are various Mayan glyphs, and the word PUREPECHA (my native background) written in old English characters on my back.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Karl Marx, liked by others, hated by capitalists, bad-ass beard. A man who according to José Martí should be honored because he sided with the subaltern. That's all that needs to be said at the moment........

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

“I would rather die standing than live on my knees!”

After writing the last blog I figured the next appropriate message to send out in order to reinforce the concept that most Mexcians venerate Zapata is to write this short message. Notice the bad-ass mustache, the bandoleers, the rifle, and the image of a revolutionary with king kong cojones. What IS he thinking......? Hmmmmm what bourgeois mofo am I going to go after today?
Of course the leader of the peasants was unfortunately killed by whom.....right...the bourgeoisie!


During one of my excursions to a favorite bookstore of mine I began to read an employment application that was left on one of the reading chairs. Nothing too exciting, just your traditional application. However, if it were me filling it out I probably would get stuck on question 10 section know, the part where they ask you to fill in your ethnicity. comes the bitching minority act. Hispanic is not an ethnicity! There is no Hispania. Latino-I sure as hell don't speak Latin. No offense Jeff. I guess that my beef is really with Chicano and Mex-Amer. To many it's the same thing. But to Tex-Mex Republican's like ohhh what the hell is his name... Alberto Gonzalez, its American not Mex-Amer. Chicano is some how or another a "militant" term according to some frijoleros (beaners). Cool!
I consider myself Mexican, how? Because I took the you know you're a Mexican if...
1) you call your shoes "tenis"
2) you're constantly asked if you own a lowrider
3) you go to a social event and ask "where are the tortillas"?
4) your parents have calenders from every Mexican bakery
5) you get constantly asked what's the best way to grow tomatoes, strawberries, etc
6) you think it takes 15min to get everywhere
7) you constantly use "basically"
8) you have an aunt named Chela and uncle named Chepe
9) as a student your response to every question is Zapata Rocks cabrones!!!!!!
That's why I'm Mexican.

Last night I had the oddest experience with a couple of Catholic female friends of mine. A late night burrito turned into an hour of sermons. Instead of journeying to my own Heaven (Burrito Boy, gotta try the carne asada wet burrito) I was instead manipulated into going to an evening mass. Hungry and pissed, I managed to contain my anger. The milieu was typical of a Latino mass: children running around, people singing hymns, and 2 angry comrades (well not entirely typical) hungry and angry at the females who seem to believe it is their duty to save them.
Note to self: next time tell party you will meet them wherever they plan to meet, be suspicious about late night dinners, there are a lot of Mexicans in Eugene, wear a Mexican wedding shirt in lieu of a Che Guevara t-shirt.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What better place to exhibit socialist propaganda and not have to pay for it then a blog. After months of bashing blog spots, or maybe its just simply envy that my life is not as exciting as the blogs I read, I have been sold by temptation and begun my own.
My times as a student-proletariat has fallen into a short hiatus, the revolution for the time being has been put on hold while I venture into the bourgeoisie lifestyle and becoming a cantankerous capitalist hog.......Yeah right! More from the mountains of the Northwest.